Army Rank Shadow Box - Sergeant First Class (SFC)

Army Rank Shadow Box - Sergeant First Class (SFC)

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Complete someone's career (past or present) with this 1st Sergeant Shadow Box. This beautiful custom made shadow box is an amazing representation of the retirees final rank. Made with state-of-the-art equipment finished perfectly by hand this box combines the best of worlds technology and craftsmanship. CNC routers and Laser engravers ensure perfection every time while the hand on personal touch guarantees a flawless finish. Contrasting hard woods real glass front; felt covered wood backing; this shadow box has it all. Send us your items to mount inside for a no worries complete layout as well as engrave the perfect verbiage and ship it back to you in time for your ceremony. The top portion holds a traditional folded 3' x 5' flag. Made in the USA by Veterans.

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